Can it go wrong and what happens if it does?

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The single biggest complaint about underfloor heating is the slower response time for a floor/room to heat up compared to a conventional central heating. By the same token, it takes an equally long time to cool down. Advocates of underfloor heating say you simply allow the extra 30 minutes warming time; indeed with a modern pre-programmed thermostat controlled system you simply set the system to come on as and when you wish.

What Happens If It Goes Wrong?

The pipes are guaranteed for up to 50 years in many cases and it’s said to be very rare for a floor to have to be dug up. It would be sensible to ensure your insurance policy covers faults and leaks associated with a water-fed underfloor heating system.

Where Can I Buy Water-Fed Underfloor Heating?

Unlike electric underfloor heating, you’d be advised to find a specialist installer of a water-fed system rather than go to DIY stores.